Serving Our Clients

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Professional Legal Solutions

Any lawyer can perform basic legal services.  At Magner Law, we pride ourselves on finding creative and often cost-saving solutions to our clients' legal needs.  Just as any good mechanic has an entire tool box filled with specialized tools, so too should your attorney have an entire box of legal tools and strategies.  Because it's not enough simply to know the law; it's our ability to use the law that makes us valuable to our clients.

Free Consultations

We've made it a rule throughout our careers not to punish people for bringing us business.  We offer free, thirty-minute initial consultations to potential clients.  This gives both you and us an opportunity to discuss the case and determine whether or not we are a good fit for each other.  If, at the end of the consultation, we decide to work together, we'll make a fee proposal for you to review.

Fair Fees & Billing

As a small business ourselves, we know the importance of getting high quality services for a fair and reasonable fee.   Our motto is and will always be:  "Charge what you're worth and be worth what you charge."  When you charge a fair price for your services, you don't need to nickel and dime the clients for miscellaneous items.  That philosophy extends to our billing practices, where it is our goal to be clear and forthcoming.


Payment Options

 Today's clients demand choices in their payment options.  We gladly accept credit cards, checks, and of course, cash.  However, for your safety, Magner Law does not keep its clients' credit card information on file, either electronically or in hard copy.