HELPING SMALL BUSINESSES is a passion of mine.  Small business is the backbone of the American Dream.  Men and Women who start and small businesses are bold risk takers who aren't satisfied with just being another cog in the wheel.  But just because your business is small doesn't mean your legal issues are.  Small businesses require the same legal services that larger companies need, but rarely have a team of in-house counsel and outside legal consultants to help them out.  A significant portion of my practice has always been dedicated to serving the needs of small businesses, because, like you, I, too, run a small business.


The entire purpose of having a contract is to clearly set forth the understanding between the parties.  When each side understands its rights and obligations under a contract, business just works better.  Over the years, I have found that poorly drafted, ambiguous and incomplete contracts lead to more business disputes and litigation than almost any other issue. 

 At Magner Law, we can review everything from standard form contracts to exotic, complex multi-party agreements to ensure that the client is actually getting what they think they're getting and that everything that can go wrong has been accounted for.  Also, by going beyond just what the client hopes will happen, we negotiate and draft clauses that give strong incentives to the parties to cooperate and work out their disputes without having to resort to litigation.  However, because life doesn't always work out as planned, we negotiate and draft clauses that protect our clients in the event of litigation and provide for the ability to recoup litigation costs and expenses.

Corporate Formation

FORMING A COMPANY IS A LOT MORE THAN JUST FILLING OUT FORMS.  A lot of websites offer "cheap" incorporation - just fill out a form online, pay them some money and voila!  You're incorporated.  What they DON'T tell you is that you can do the same thing yourself for free through the state corporation commission.  So why pay a lawyer at all?

 Because opening and operating a company involves a lot of choices - choices that will affect your taxes, your ability to grow your business, your ability to maintain control over your company in the event that something happens in the future, and, in some case, your ability to obtain licenses and permits.  Once those choices are made, the way you operate and manage your business is critical to maintaining the safety wall between your personal finances and the company.  At Magner Law we guide our clients through these crucial decisions to ensure that they are selecting the corporate structure that best meets their needs and, once the forms are filed, we continue to advise and guide our clients to make sure that they comply with all of the legal and regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Compliance and Licensing

Certain business activities require licenses, permits and other regulatory clearance.  When a problem with your license or permit occurs, you're out of business until it gets resolved.  Magner Law has the experience and expertise you need to resolve these issues.  We've worked with regulatory and administrative agencies at the local, county, state and even federal levels.

Employment Matters

FEAR NOT!  You need the help of good, qualified people to run your business, but the fear of dealing with the legal minefield of having employees can cause you to lose sleep at night.  Magner Law can help guide you safely through that minefield, whether your issues involve employees vs. independent contractors; salary vs. hourly wages; executive compensation; non-compete issues; bonus plans; employee handbooks and workplace policies; or payroll and benefits issues.

Sale, Purchase and Merger

Buying or selling a business can be a complicated matter, especially if it involves transferring commercial or investment property.  That's even truer if the transaction involves a professional business, such as a medical or dental office.  Too often, I see business people relying on one side or the other's attorney to "draw up the documents."  At Magner Law, we approach the sale/purchase of a business with the careful, methodical, step by step process that it requires.  We ask the questions that you never thought to consider, and pride ourselves on coming up with creative solutions where necessary to get the deal done.


One of the unfortunate realities of life is that some of your customers are not going to pay you.  How you handle bad debt is a matter of choice and personal preference.  But few small businesses can afford to give away too much of their products or services for free.  At Magner Law, we have a number of strategies to help you reduce your uncollected accounts receivable, up to and including litigation if necessary, 

Dependable counsel, when you need it.

At Magner Law, the last thing I want is small business clients who are afraid to pick up the phone and call me when a problem or opportunity arises because they're afraid that the meter will be running.  My clients are not cows to be milked for fees.  Instead of nickel and diming my clients out of business, I prefer to charge reasonable fees for actual legal services.  I respond to my clients when they need it, and if they require legal services, I quote them clear and unambiguous fees up front before I start charging them.  The fact is, the more successful my clients are, the more successful I am.