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  Whenever economists speak in terms of “value,” they refer exclusively to economic value, as expressed in dollars and cents.  To the economist, a small business adds value to a community if it produces goods or services that result in profits, which are then put back into the community in the form of tax revenue, employee pay, and the purchase of goods and services from other businesses in the community.

 That’s all well and good, but small businesses add value to communities in many ways beyond just the dollars and cents.  Take a walk down Main Street in any town, village or major city.  If you see the streets lined with small businesses – shops, vendors, restaurants, etc. – those businesses give the town or city a vibrant feeling that makes people want to go there and do business.  Compare that to a Main Street with even a few boarded up windows and faded “For Sale or Lease” signs and it becomes immediately clear that small businesses, even in major cities, are what give the place life and vitality.  That’s a kind of value that can’t be measured just in profits and losses.

 Law firms are no different.  Too many lawyers simply assume that their services are a necessity of life and take their role in the local economy for granted.  Many may even secretly admit that they are actually more of a drain on the local economy – a necessary evil that sucks profits away from the other citizens in the form of a small ransom to avoid more devastating losses.  This is a short-sighted and self-defeating approach.  A law firm must see itself as a vital part of the local community and actively look for ways to add value; value that goes beyond merely turning a profit.

 Magner Law was founded on the philosophy that legal services shouldn’t just help people and businesses in the community avoid disaster, they should actively look for ways improve the community and make it a better place for all of us.  By supporting and fostering the vitality of Main Street, Magner Law will achieve success not just for its clients, but for all of us as well, by ensuring that we all have a healthy, vibrant and active community.

 It begins with our offices.  Magner Law’s first home was in a very modern, class A office building, but we sought out the Waverly Mansion for our new home because it gave us the chance to help keep a beautiful piece of Leesburg’s history alive and relevant.  The old house, built in 1890, could have (and probably should have) been razed to make way for new, modern office space.  Goodness knows Leesburg needs it.  But, the owners of the property instead refurbished it and repurposed it so that it can continue to be an important part of the community.  We at Magner Law are proud to play a small role in keeping this wonderful old mansion alive.

 That’s just the beginning.  In the short time since founding the firm, we have taken part in a county initiative to improve and promote volunteer efforts in Loudoun and participated in round-table discussions about how to best get the word out about volunteer opportunities in our own communities.  We have also supported the Loudoun Symphony Orchestra and are active in promoting Loudoun’s unique Virginia culture, including our wineries, equestrian events and festivals. 

 Recently, I was appointed to serve as a guardian ad litem for incapacitated adults in our community.  I was inspired to seek the appointment after watching the devastating toll that the effects of aging and the difficulties of dealing with aging parents took on one Loudoun County family.  Our communities are still inadequately prepared to deal with a problem that has been growing for nearly a decade, unchecked.  This has left many families to bear the burden of caring for and financially supporting aging family members without much support.  So far, my ability to help has been limited to my role as retained legal counsel.  Now, however, I will have the opportunity to extend that help to people who may be facing issues alone, such as aging, diminished mental health and other incapacity without any family there to retain the services of counsel.

 Magner Law may be a new firm, but we believe that there are many ways that we can add value to the community and do our part to make this a place where we all want to live, work and play.