Estate Planning

Planning is everything.

IN YE OLDE TIMES, most people didn't live much past the age of 60, and simple wills were good enough to suit their needs.  Times have changed.  These days, people in their 60's compete in marathons, launch whole new careers and take on new hobbies and lifestyles.  The laws have been evolving, too, as our governments try to keep up with the changing realities of a population that is living longer.  Without new approaches, outliving your life savings is far more likely than worrying about who to pass it on to.

EVERY PERSON IS UNIQUE.  Because we are living longer, healthier and more active lives, generic, cookie-cutter estate plans no longer suffice.  Over the past ten to fifteen years, new estate planning tools and methods have been developed.  We here at Magner Law have more options than ever to assist our clients in coming up with unique legal solutions tailored to address almost any estate planning needs.

Looking beyond the estate...

COMMON ESTATE PLANNING documents such as Wills and Living Trusts and Powers of Attorney are usually adequate for dividing up a person's estate after they're gone.  The tougher questions are...

What happens when a person is advanced in age to the point where they need services such as assisted living or nursing home care, but are generally healthy? 

Who's going to manage their affairs? 

What happens to their property and funds? 

Will everything have to be sold to pay for long term care? 

Will they qualify for public benefits? 

What does their family do if they never made any plans?

THESE QUESTIONS are popping up more and more.  Magner Law can help you answer them.  From Powers of Attorney to the appointment of guardians and conservators for incapacitated adults, we have the knowledge and experience to help you protect your family and preserve everything they've worked for, even if they never did any sort of planning. 

YES, WE STILL WRITE SIMPLE WILLS.  But we can do so much more... if that's what is needed.