Life can be unpredictable.

If someone you love finds him or herself in a tough situation, the consequences can be devastating.  Businesses and careers can be ruined, reputations lost and futures compromised.  In such times, you need a firm that you can rely on to take your case as a priority.  At Magner Law, you’ll never be treated like you’re on a conveyor belt – just another case to be processed.  We are passionate about protecting our clients’ dignity and handling their cases with discretion.

Our approach begins with fact gathering - not just about the accusations, but about the entire situation.  From there, we work with the client to identify the client's goals and determine how the various potential outcomes will affect the client and the client's family.  Next, we engage in a thorough examination of the case, the evidence and the law.  There are no cookie-cutter cases.  Next we examine the actions of the the police and prosecutors to ensure that they have followed the law and that they have not violated the client's rights.  Finally, we analyze all of the options available to us and develop a strategy to achieve the client's goals.

"The role of the criminal defense attorney is to ensure that the application of the law is fair and that criminal justice systems function within the law of the land.  Without defense attorneys, the system would have no credibility and the citizens could not rely upon it."